Monday, November 14, 2005

Hmmm....I wonder

There are many things in this world that i often wonder about...the obvious ones are.."why are we here", and "what am i supposed to do with my life." but fuck all that shit because you will never be able to figure that shit out. But yet again that is all obvious. One one thing in life that is certain, is death. There no avoiding it, and it is inevitable. This is one thing that no matter were or who you are, we all share in common. This being true, one should not sit around and wait for life to pass you by, grab that bitch by the balls and squeeze. that is all i can say. Along with that though, there is always the conumdrum of our generation. APATHY. That is the plague of our generation. We have so many possiblities and we let them all slide. and i am most deffentally one of those people. and i have no way of getting out of that mind set. so, my therory is, i will die young, and learn it at that point in, fuck it